Discover personalized denim wear for him



At MOORE DENIM you may compose your customized clothes

Simply select in the product categories the design that you wish to order, and create your personalized product from the various options. You can choose from denim fabrics, pocket fabrics, thread colors, and buttons.

You find detailed information about the options at Customization.

Some models can be produced on request only, as either a personal consultation is required or I need to check if the materials originally used are still available. Just contact me and tell me the model name.

Fashion "made in Germany"

All products are made of high quality materials and are manufactured in Germany. Because of manual washing effects and a maximum of two washes per garment, I produce environmentally friendly and due to the production in Bochum also socially acceptable.


Order designs also in organic quality

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I have one organic jeans fabric and additionally offer organic fabrics from, an online shop for organic fabrics. Thus you can order garment of fabrics for which organic cotton has been used.

The available organic fabrics and more information can be found at MOORE ORGANIC DENIM.



Transformed Denim = Trenim

I provide an exclusive sevice with Transformed Denim products: You give me your old favorite jeans that you want to have turned into a Trenim product, and I produce new shorts, jeans, or jackets of them.

This re-use of no longer worn clothes reduces the production of new fabrics and contributes to protect our environment. I also use oddments from new fabrics that remain when cutting fabric for garment for this so-called upcycling. These are not faulty or inferior at all, but just too small for large-scale pattern pieces.

 Zeitraffer der Entstehung einer MOORE DENIM Jeansjacke