Select the design that you wish to order, and create your personalized product from the various options. You can choose from denim and pocket fabrics, thread colors, and buttons. You can order jeans with straight cut trouser legs that are slightly tapered from the knees towards the hem, or as slim fit, that narrows noticeably from the knees downwards.

At some jeans, you can also define the intensity of the washing or order a design only with prewashed fabric. Additionally, you can select from organic fabrics.

We can also re-use your old favorite jeans that we upcycle into a Transformed Denim garment. 

The production times vary depending on a time and material basis, but also depend on the general work load. Hence the variing delivery times.

Please consider the exclusion of the right of withdrawal, since the articles in this category are not prefabricated and your individual choice is relevant for the production.



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